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Orange Flowers
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Equine Healing

When animals are in discomfort, pain or anxiety all the cells in their body react to counter this by tensing up, not breathing deeply and correctly, holding areas tight and thereby not being able to stretch and release.   This is instinctive and completely natural. 

The natural power of Hands-on Healing allows for a change in vibration around the animal, allowing for deep relaxation and therefore healing to occur at a deep cellular level.  The signs are gradual, you will see this happening as your horse starts to relax and release by showing a very long and trembling lower lip, by eyes becoming glazed over and head dropping, similar to a deep trance.  Ears are relaxed and floppy, they have lovely long tummy grumbles as enzymes are released in the gut, improving their digestion and therefore absorption of minerals and amino acids. (These tummy grumbles are called borborygmus did you know? Such a lovely word!) They will yawn and stretch facial muscles as deep relaxation occurs. If they are geldings their undercarriage will relax. 


Equine & Other Animals

Hands On Equine and Other Animal Healing

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After a session you will see them walk and stretch around their stable, defecate and urinate as they release all these toxins that are expunged via deep healing.  Some will even want to lie down and get a really good sleep after a session. 

All healing benefits from regular sessions and if you book a block of 6 weekly sessions (discounted) you will see and feel an enormous difference in your horse.  

We always take before and after pictures (video, if requested), so you can visually see the difference.

Give your majestic beauty the comfort and change, that you would give yourself.  See the changes Holistic Healing can bring to your life, the alternative escape to rejuvenation.

Orange Flowers
Equine healing
Orange Flowers

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