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Theta Sleep Therapy

Human brains produce five kinds of electrical brain waves: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Each operate at a different speed, with theta waves being the second slowest. Theta waves occur when you are sleeping or dreaming, often when drifting off to sleep or just before waking. They also occur when in a very relaxed state of mind. The theta rhythm is a neural oscillation that underlies
various aspects of cognition and behaviour, including learning, memory and spatial navigation.


During Theta sleep your body is able to access its natural healing abilities and goes into a deep accelerated healing stage. 20 minutes of Theta sleep is equivalent to 3 or 4 hours of REM sleep and in this time allows your body to reset and heal at an extraordinary rate.

Orange Flowers
Vibration healing
Orange Flowers
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Access Bars healing

This well-established international practice, ‘accesses’ 32 ‘bars’ or electro-magnetic points on the head that correspond to thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and ideas. The therapist gently
touches these points, which are interconnected, to release energy blockages. It is particularly effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep problems, ADHD and other emotional imbalances.


Bioresonance therapy is based on scientific evidence that damaged cells emit distinctive electromagnetic waves which can indicate the presence of pathologies, bacteria, viruses and parasites, as well as toxins and other harmful substances. Restoring these waves to their normal vibrational wavelengths will treat these afflictions. Bioresonance is often used to treat arthritis,
stomach pain and overtraining in athletes, and for addictions such as smoking.


A Healy device with a copper coil is used to access this vibrational wavelength that is required for your specific healing. These electromagnetic waves are subliminally felt by your body.

Orange Flowers
Healy vibrational healing machine
Orange Flowers

Vibrational therapy

A Healy electrical device with a copper coil, approved by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA), uses an electro micro current to relieve acute, chronic and arthritic pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. It improves the body's cellular, emotional, and energy levels to activate self-healing
and optimize balance. These electromagnetic waves are subliminally felt by your body.

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